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Dawn Violet: We need a bio, this stuff is weird. I don't want to write about myself.
Monika Jane: Me neither. Back and forth interview? Esquire style?
DV: Perfect. You first, what 3 items could you not live without?
MJ: Did you just pull that question out of thin air? (Long pause)...I hate to classify Olive as an item, but-my dog! I know I could not live without a book. I would say paper and pen, I love to write things down.
DV: Technically, that last one is two items Monika, so now we know you are a cheater.
MJ: And book is general...What about you? You answer the question.
DV: Hmmm...my scissors, my bike and my wedding band. Gag me, does that make me sound like a sap?
MJ: If you don't say that you would have to sleep on the couch after Jay reads this. Plus you are a romantic, it fits.
DV: What beauty item can you not live without?
MJ: Oddly enough, it's by a brand named Jane, called intense gloss, it is bright glossy pink. Weirdly enough, my other lip gloss now that I'm looking at it, is called Sweet Violet.
DV: Crazy! It's lips for me too, Painted Love, by Sephora Beauty. It's a Dawn trademark color of orange.
dawn bio
dawn bio MJ: What book are you reading right now?
DV: Ooh! Good question! It's called Broken Homes and it’s a British crime detective novel about modern day wizards.
MJ: Harry Potter meets Sherlock Holmes? Our favourites had a love child!
DV: What about you? Dune series?
MJ: Yep. Children of Dune. It's a thing. I'm into old-school sci-fi....and Kyle McLaughlin.
DV: You have a serious crush on him. Now a serious question, how do you know how to make so many things?
MJ: I grew up in a really imaginative environment, my sisters and i were always thinking up something new and wild. At one point we converted our rec room in to a makeshift store, stocked the shelves with handmade goodies, and made our mom go shopping with monopoly money. Whether it's making my own version of Penny's computer book (Inspector Gadget) out of paper when I was a kid, or making a lovely necklace for myself as an adult, I just love to put the pieces together.
DV: Penny's Computer book! I love that.
MJ: What about you, I know you are self-taught, and you did tons of research, but why make custom lampshades?
DV: I'm one of the last shade makers in the world. And the only one using contemporary fabrics and designs but old world techniques. I do something special and unique every day. Innately, I am far more creative than destructive. It stems from our background too. We were both raised in the northwest, its dark and cloudy there, I guess that made me appreciate good lighting. Plus having lived in Europe made me appreciate custom work and fine craftsmanship. I'd rather have no light to read by than use an Ikea lamp.
MJ: Opinionated. That’s you.
DV: My attention to detail is what makes me good.
MJ: True. Well, what more can we say? We like to make stuff!
DV: Yeah. Let's go make some cocktails.
MJ: Perfect.

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