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Andersen Window Replacement – Types Of Replacement Windows.

When it comes to home window replacements Andersen windows has any type of window you may want or need for your house. Many customers are not aware of all the different types of replacement window options available.Each type usually has a variety of areas they can be used on for your residence but some windows work better in certain places. Below is a list of the most popular window replacement choices excluding detailed models such as Andersen windows 400 series prices.  We have added some details and facts about each kind as well.

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Andersen Window Types

Andersen Double Hung – These Andersen window replacements are versatile and with their easy to open and close features they are one of the most popular choices by all of our customers in your local area. The ventilation from double hung windows is better than most as well. You can open the bottom portion of this type while leaving the top closed and vice versa! We usually install double hung windows in smaller rooms like kitchens or bedrooms but they are perfect for office buildings as well.

Andersen Bay Windows – Everyone has heard of this type of window replacement considering you’ll see them in larger rooms like living rooms, family rooms, and even in big bedrooms. Bay windows are different in that they extend outward from the exterior walls of a house instead of being flat like other replacements. This extension allows for better air flow when open and more sunlight is let in by these large windows as well. To add more appeal to your home we recommend getting a bay replacement window! Bay windows are worth the extra money because they’re very energy efficient windows.

Andersen Hopper Replacements – Most homeowners that have recently added a basement or those residents who already have a basement typically have hopper windows installed. Hopper replacements are very simple in structure and feature a one way system to open them. The window has hinges which allow the window’s glass portion to flip open towards the inside of the home. These windows help with ventilation of a basement during the warm and humid summers in Kansas.

Andersen Casement – Casement window replacements in your local area are very popular for all types of buildings and houses. These windows open by way of cranking a handle. Casement replacement windows open outward while a screen on the inside portion helps keep bugs and insects from getting inside your home! These windows seal much better than other types which makes for a much more energy efficient fixture.

There of course are a lot more types of windows you could purchase check the window cost guide for more - but these are the most popular Andersen window types for most homeowners. At Window Replacement Andersen and with the services of Andersen you are home replacement window project will be completed effectively and efficiently!

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